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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gluten? 

Gluten is a protein component of wheat, (including durum, semolina & spelt), rye, oats, barley and other related grain hybrids such as triticale and kamut.  Viewed alone, gluten is a tough, elastic, grayish substance resembling chewing gum,  when a dough is kneaded, it helps to hold in gas bubbles formed by the leavening agent. Gas contained with in the dough or batter helps a bread or other baked good rise, giving the product structure.

Why go gluten free?

You should adopt a gluten-free lifestyle if you have been found to be allergic to gluten.

If you have Dermatitis Herpitformis, a   chronic skin irritation or have been diagnosed with "Celiac Sprue",  a chronic digestive disorder that is a hereditary intolerance to gluten, you should start living gluten-free.

Studies have been conducted and research continues linking gluten and dairy to symptoms of Autism and other diseases in both adults and children.

Eliminating gluten from your diet will dramatically  reduce your intake of complete    carbohydrates,  you'll feel energized,  rejuvenated,  with a bright healthy glow

and you may shed a few pounds.

Is there a cure for Celiac Sprue?

According to medical and scientific research, there is not a cure.  Dietary change will help alleviate symptoms of celiac sprue.


Please visit the National Institute of Health website for detailed information on Celiac Disease.

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